Hello world!

Happy 60th Birthday, Mom!  In honor of this milestone, we want to create a space that represents your spirit and your passion. And so, with this blog we create a family recipe space in your honor: Our Family Table. It will hold our family recipes, photos, and thoughts around the importance of Our (extended) Family Table for years to come.  And, we hope that others choose to post here continually, particularly in honor of milestones that are marked by celebrating with family.

You are beloved for your heart and your hearth. You have cared for so many with a genuine affection for each individual’s unique qualities; you have also fed so many as you generously shared your gift as a hostess and chef with those lucky enough to call themselves family, friends, Wayne’s grad students, visiting international scholars and/or simply in desperate need of a dose of TLC to the tummy.

While 50 may have been fabulous, it was also a decade of hard work for you.  After years in the classroom, you were inspired to envision a new way of teaching and learning between disparate communities (www.eduweavers.org).  You seamlessly moved into the role of consummate grandmother (which included titles like cook, chauffeur, nanny, story reader, present buyer, cuddler extraordinaire, and penultimate Sat. night babysitter).  And, you were a wonderful caregiver to everyone who needed you, particularly over the last couple of years.  While we believe there were many moments of “fabulous” at fify, we hope that sixty proves to be the decade where you finally reap the rewards of all you have sown.